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There is much more to Seychelles than lying on the beach. An exciting range of sights and activities await to be discovered.  It’s great destination for families too!

The Seychelles is the perfect destination to take your holiday whether you plan to do nothing or plenty of things. If you plan to discover the destination, the activities range from water sports including fabulous snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, nature walks and trekking, explore remote beaches, village visits, island hopping to name a few.

The Seychelles Islands have spectacular tropical landscapes with much variety between the different islands, a “multi-destination in one”.  The destination boasts of a wealth of different fauna and flora including many varied species unique to Seychelles. Giant Tortoises can be seen on most islands and Seychelles is also famous for the many rare species of birds – either migratory or endemic to the islands.  Our local guides will be happy to accompany you.


Private  Tours/Trips :

All private tours on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are tailor made based on your need and budget:

  • By Car
  • Oxcart (La Digue only)
  • Helicopter
  • Ferries
  • Boat charter ….


A Few Samples of Activities:


Starfish Plus on Odezir

Discover the treasures of the Marine Park with an exclusive touch. Each couple is offered a bottle of sparkling wine, a variety of snacks and a sumptuous BBQ lunch served on board our catamaran. Complemented by the jovial tunes of our local musician, let yourself relax, be entertained and enjoy as you bask in the smooth sail of our beautiful Odezir. “Leave behind nothing but your footsteps and take away nothing more than photographs and memories”. Full Day (with lunch) Days of Operation: Mondays & Fridays, Minimum Pax: 20 // Maximum Pax: 26



A Tale of Three Islands 

Experience this unique combination of Seychelles’ most famous island high-lights incl: a one-hour guided tour of Cousin Island, a picturesque reserve for a wide range of fauna, including doves and giant tortoises and also a conservation success story that has rescued important endemic wildlife from extinction. After savouring the rich diversity of this pristine sanctuary set like a gemstone in a pure turquoise sea, you will visit Curieuse Island off Praslin’s northern coast, the only place apart from the Vallée de Mai where the legendary Coco de Mer grows wild. Here you will enjoy exceptional swimming in limpid waters and relaxation on white sands before being served a tasty barbecue lunch on the beach. After lunch, you can enjoy a one-hour guided tour through this fascinating nature reserve, taking in the ruins of its ancient leper colony and the newly refurbished ‘Doctor’s House’, now a charming museum. The island trail meanders through a mangrove forest teeming with wildlife towards the impressive lagoon of Baie Laraie where small sharks and turtles abound and where you will also find the pen for rearing giant land tortoises in an exciting conservation project. Leaving Curieuse behind, we will eventually make our way to the third in our trio of island jewels, St Pierre, for the snorkeling experience of a lifetime, amid crystalline waters that abound with a myriad of fish and colourful coral formations. On the return journey you will be left the arduous task of deciding which of our three islands is the most magnificent!  Full Day (with lunch)   Days of Operation: Fridays  Minimum Pax: 10


Enchanted Walk in the Vallee de Mai

Leave the world behind and enter with us the mysterious realm of the Vallée de Mai, the legendary valley where General Gordon of Khartoum became convinced was the original site of the biblical Garden of Eden. Stroll along the winding footpaths of a place so special it has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site, beneath the shade of ancient, towering palms bearing the most extraordinary fruit of all: the famous Coco-de-Mer, a double-lobed coconut and the world’s heaviest seed in the perfect shape of a woman’s pelvis. Listen for the call of one of the world’s rarest birds, the Seychelles Black Parrot as you wander the valley and your guide introduces you to its spectacular treasures which includes one of the planet’s tiniest frogs, stick insects, chameleons and six species of endemic palm. Leaving the spellbinding wonders of the valley behind, we will take you to one of the most famous beaches on Earth, where ancient granite boulders stand jealous guard over a beach of bewitching beauty, lapped by crystal turquoise waters…a fitting close to an unforgettable experience of Seychelles’ twin masterpieces. Half Day (without lunch)

Days of Operation: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Sundays Minimum Pax: 10