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Private or shared guided Nature Trails

Mare Aux Cochon (Mahe)

The houses at the start of the trail give way to open scrubland forest with views over the northwest coast of Mahe towards Silhoutte and North Island and over the east towards St Anne Island. The walk up and down to the valley is through secondary forest of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg trees and fruit trees such as mango, golden apple, bananas, oranges, tangerine and breadfruit. Much of the Mare aux Cochon valley belonged to the Roman Catholic Mission at one time. The Swiss fathers were responsible for building the arched stone bridge in the middle of the valley where rivers draining both ends of the valley meet and make there descent down to the coast. The fresh water marsh is surrounded with endemic pandanus an endemic palms from the central open area of Mare aux Cochon. There are good views of the surrounding slopes. The path continues through forested areas of native plains. There is a river to cross which can be difficult after rain. Ruins of cinnamon distillery and associated settlements lie along the trail, the last part of the decent to Port Glaud is through exotic plains and residential area. Please note that we do not recommend that you attempt the hike without a Seychellois tour guide.


Mont Plaisir (Praslin)

The first part of the walk is botanically interesting with many indigenous and endemic species of plants which includes endemic palms such as latanyen fey and latanyen millepat and coco de mer palms. Endemic birds are likely to be heard and/or seen. Exotic species of plants such as coco plum and acacia merge with the native vegetation. Magnificent views over the west, north and east coast of Praslin and of certain satellite islands like Cousine, Cousin, Booby and Aride. The second half of the trail is along a secondary road again with spectacular views over the Chevalier bay and island of Curieuse. The trail ends at one of Seychelles most beautiful beach of Anse Lazio. There is time for swimming and snorkeling weather permitting. The entire walk is mostly in open areas. Please note that we do not recommend that you attempt the hike without a Seychellois tour guide.


The Southern Trail of La Digue

The hike to Anse Marron via Anse Source d’Argent, Grand Anse, Anse Coco is indeed one of the most adventurous tours on La Digue. It is a must for all visitors staying on La Digue.The path leads through the wild south of the island. The destination is the wonderful Anse Marron, an impressive, isolated beach, which is divided into two distinct sections. One is wild with large waves, while the other consists of natural pools, protected from the open ocean by granite boulders. The hike is also a fantastic way of discovering the flora and fauna of the Seychelles. Please note that we do not recommend that you attempt the hike without a Seychellois tour guide, as the path can be dangerous. Your guide will also tell you much about the history and nature of the island, making it even more worthwhile. You will be rewarded with this wonderful place of nature including a beautiful beach, aesthetic rock formations and a rather big sea natural pool perfect for taking a bath without waves and also some shadow for a nice pick-nic   Once there the way back is easy to find.