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Important Information

We strongly recommend you read the following information. It includes a variety of subjects relating to your holiday in the Seychelles which may affect your holiday choice or expectations. To avoid possible mis-understanding you are advised to seek confirmation in writing of any additional information given.

Your Seychelles Holiday Price


  • Touring holidays include all travel and specified excursions
  • Accommodation as confirmed including any obligatory service charges and taxes as levied by the hotel
  • Meal arrangements as booked. Holidays including main meals will generally commence with dinner on the day of arrival and terminate with breakfast for half board and lunch for full board on the day of departure
  • Services of Sey Lead/local agent in Seychelles wherever possible


  • Travel from your home to the your respective international airport and vice versa
  • International flights
  • Holiday insurance
  • Excursions and sightseeing trips which are not shown as included.
  • Charges made by the hotels for the use of certain facilities and extra meals, drinks and personal items including any tax or service charge levied for them
  • Passport and visa costs
  • Any other cost incurred by clients which are not included in the quotation.

Great care has been taken in compiling this website to ensure that hotel, resort and other information is accurate. Our descriptions are based on assurances from hoteliers that the facilities shown will be available during the term of this website. It must be remembered, however, that naturally changes can occur. If we are advised of any material changes by the hotel we shall do our utmost to pass this on to you as soon as we become aware of it.


The prices will be quoted based on your need, budget and room availability.  Higher prices will be applicable to high and peak seasons. The actual price of your chosen holiday will depend on your departure date and will be advised at the time of booking. This will also include any special offers or tactical offers hotels may make during the course of the year.


The choice of hotel is one of the most important steps in your holiday planning. The hotels we feature are a selection of the Seychelles gems, based on their location, services and clients satisfaction.  Actually all hotels in Seychelles and those featured on this website do not have an official classification system, therefore the classification shown is the opinion of Sey Lead. We show hotel ratings as per star rating/small hotel/guest house/self catering. If you have any doubts whatsoever please discuss the hotels with us. The final choice is, however, up to you.

Even though we feature some of the best hotels in each destination the accommodation may still be considered modest by European standards. In some cases we may describe it as simple or even basic but what it lacks in creature comforts it may well make up for in character. Our use of the words superior or deluxe to describe rooms must be read in the context of the hotel description. Single rooms or twins for sole use may vary in standard and position. We are willing to request the hotel to place an extra bed in a twin room when possible. Beds for children may not be full single size and can often be ‘rollaway’ style. When we describe a room as having sea view this means you will have some view of the sea. The room may not face the sea and the view may be at an angle. Views may also be obscured by garden foliage. Please note that although we may describe the hotel as on the sea front or overlooking the sea it does not always follow that rooms have sea view due to the fact that the establishments are not allowed to remove the foliage by the beach.  It should be noted that you may find your room has some uninvited guests such as the friendly little lizard, ants or even cockroaches. This should not be seen as a sign of dirtiness but a fact of life in the tropics and that these insects are very important to the biodiversity of our islands .


Sports and entertainment facilities are shown in good faith as being available but their provision may be limited or they may not be available from time to time. Please note that where a hotel offers free water or other sports a deposit for equipment and a charge for instruction may be requested. Some outdoor activities such as beach services and water sports may be subject to weather conditions and sufficient support. If air-conditioning is provided the operation of this is at the discretion of hotel management and may be subject to energy saving regulations. Please also note that supplies of electricity and water can be erratic. Many resort hotels have open sided restaurants which attract local bird life particularly at breakfast time. In any developing resort or destination, building works must be expected and often start without prior warning. Hotels also have to be maintained and refurbished and swimming pools cleaned but the manager will try to ensure a minimum of inconvenience to guests.

Meals and Service

In general you cannot expect the same standards in faraway destinations as you might in Europe. In many areas much of the food has to be imported and meals will vary depending on the style of hotel. Please remember that food is very much a matter of personal taste and preference. Many hotels adopt a buffet style service for meals. Where we offer half or full board arrangements the meals are on a table d’hote (fixed menu) basis and often only served in the main restaurant. A supplement is usually required for a la carte meals and dining in speciality restaurants and in some cases the hotel will not allow any credit for the table d’hote meal not taken. We advise you to check with the hotel before dining. Unlike European hotels, it is usually not possible to substitute lunch for dinner when booking half board. Please note that no refund can be given for meals not taken. With few exceptions most faraway destinations have a rather relaxed attitude to service. It can be frustratingly slow at times but remember you are in the tropics. A friendly approach on your part is likely to achieve the best results.


Without exception all hotels operate the standard international practice with regard to check-in and check-out times. Check-in is usually between 1400 and 1600 and check-out between 1000 and 1200. This means you may have to wait some time after an early arrival for your room to be made up and vacate your room perhaps hours before your departure. Often hotels arrange for one room to be allocated to departing guests for changing etc. It may also be possible to retain your room until departure on payment of an extra charge. Obviously both depend on whether rooms are required for arriving guests.

Touring and Cruising Holidays

Please bear in mind that most touring holidays can be quite strenuous. If you suffer from any immobility please seek our advice about the tour before you book. Some of our touring holidays operate only if a certain number of clients are booked. We must unfortunately reserve the right to cancel a tour departure if this minimum number is not achieved but we will provide every assistance in arranging a suitable alternative. Not all tours are operated exclusively by Sey Lead and you may, therefore, find your travelling companions are of other nationalities.

Tourism for All

In planning our holidays we were conscious of the fact that in many cases our holidays would not be suitable for disabled travelers. Bearing in mind we feature, for the most part, developing countries it is not easy to find hotels that either have purpose built facilities or at least, in design, afford some measure of suitability Obviously much depends on our clients personal requirements and we would welcome the opportunity of discussing these with you.

Air Travel

NB: Owing to changes in pressure, it is dangerous to fly within 48 hours of scuba diving.

Luggage Allowance (domestic flights/Ferries)

The weight of checked-in luggage must not exceed the amount confirmed at the time of booking.  Details will be sent with your travel documents

Passports and Visas

Please ensure you hold a full passport and that it is valid for at least 6 months after your return date. The costs of passports and visas are not included in the holiday price. The visa information shown on this website is for all passport holders only. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that your passport, accommodation confirmation are kept handy to produce at the point of departure and entry.   Failure to do so may lead to denial of exit from your respective country or of entry in Seychelles.  Any costs which consequently arise will be payable by you. It will also be deemed that you have cancelled your holiday and appropriate cancellation charges will be levied.

Vaccinations and Health

Health requirements for visiting in Seychelles are minimal. You will be asked to fill a small section on the arrival form that will be handed over at the airport immigration desk.

There is no yellow fever in Seychelles and as a precaution, a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers over 1 year of age who come from or who have passed through a partly or wholly infected area within the preceding 6 days prior to your arrival to Seychelles.

We also recommend that you check website from your respective country as well as with your own doctor as to which inoculations are considered necessary and available for specific areas. Sey Lead cannot be held liable for the failure of clients to comply with the health requirements of the Seychelles. Airlines require that any women more than 28 weeks pregnant at the time of return travel should produce medical evidence of their fitness to travel. Even by following recommended precautions some of our clients may still be susceptible to stomach infections. Whilst we are sorry if this should detract from your holiday enjoyment, we obviously cannot accept any liability in this matter.


You are responsible for your own safety and you should make allowances for the fact that you may be visiting a less developed country. In general your own common sense must prevail. Do not make a show of wealth. Please remember in the tropics the sun can be deceptively strong and those inviting crystal clear waters may conceal strong undercurrents, sharp coral or sea urchins and the like. Take every precaution and take heed of local warnings.  Do consult the official site of your respective country.

Holiday Choice

We hope that we have given you an indication of what to expect on holiday in the Seychelles and, therefore, you will make allowances accordingly. Bearing in mind, however, that you may be visiting less developed and tropical country, problems can arise beyond our control. In this event please take the matter up with our local agent and the hotel. Most problems can be resolved in resort without spoiling your holiday. Complaining on your return will be too late. Overall, patience, understanding and a good sense of humour are invaluable when travelling to a far off land like the Seychelles.

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